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At the cross roads of Burgundy and Centre Loire region, Sancerre, Pouilly and Coteaux du GiennoisAt the cross roads of Burgundy and Centre Loire region, Sancerre, Pouilly and Coteaux du Giennois.

The vineyards of Centre-Loire grow on hills dominating the Loire and the Cher valleys in the “Heart of France”. Grapes have been grown here for more than 2,000 years.

Today, the vineyards extend over 5,242 hectares giving birth to 7 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (A.O.C.) and one Appellation d’Origine Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure (A.O.V.D.Q.S.). Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Menetou-Salon, Quincy, Reuilly, Coteaux du Giennois, Châteaumeillant and Pouilly sur Loire: each has its own personality and special characteristics.

The wineries of the Centre-Loire have preserved their family-owned and operated character, thus their authenticity and roots. Within this respect for tradition and the environment, the winemakers have developed their cellars and vineyards with the shared goal of achieving the very best expression of each terroir composing the vineyards of Centre-Loire.

We have selected for you three masterpieces of this incredible area.


Dominating the Loire from high on it’s “piton” or hilltop, the vineyards of Sancerre were always destined for great winemaking.

Sancerre vineyards spread through 14 villages over magnificent hills perfectly suited for the vine: well-oriented, exposed and protected with wonderful limestone and flint soils contributing to the marvelous quality of these wines. The two grape varieties that reign in Sancerre are sauvignon blanc and pinot noir.

According to legend, vines have been planted in Sancerre since ancient times. In the 12th century, cultivation of the vine was given added impetus through the combined efforts of the Augustine monks in St-Satur and the ruling counts of Sancerre.

The famous wine of Sancerre was, in the opinion of Duke Jean de Berry, indeed the finest wine to be found in the entire kingdom.

The natural advantage of terroir and the skill of local producers enables the region to produce great wines and these have born AOC status since 1936. The red and rosé wines, made from the noble pinot noir, followed in 1959 when they were awarded AOC accreditation. Today, 350 winemakers are producing one of the most famous French wines in the world.


Located in Berry and Burgundy, in country Nivernais, the vineyards of Pouilly are the pride of two AOCs: Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly sur Loire!

On seven villages two grape varieties reign: the sauvignon blanc called locally blanc fumé and the chasselas which produces AOC Pouilly sur Loire. 130 winemakers are producing these wonderful wines.

The vineyard of Pouilly was first established in the fifth century, and was then further developed by the monks in the 12th century.

Coteaux du Giennois

Growing on the hills along the Loire River between Gien and Cosne-sur-Loire, this is a rapidly developing vineyard producing authentic wines revealing the originality of its terroir.

The Coteaux du Giennois vineyard is situated on the hillsides along the Loire River in the administrative departments of Nièvre and Loiret.

40 winemakers are producing whites, reds and rosé wines.

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