It just doesn’t get better than this wine tour!

OK lets start out with the fact that my wife and I have spent the last 10 days in France and have taken a number of wine tours. We do like our wine. Generally the tours have a been very good, but the tour of the Loire with JB was outstanding in every possible way. No kidding! We went to two family owned vineyards and spent time with owners who took direct responsibility for the wine. They were both truly hands on and therefore knowledgable. In the first instance we spent a couple of hours just talking to the owner, tasting his wines, and learning more about the process of wine making and the impact of each micro climate and terroir. The second vintner had just finished harvesting a plot of grapes and was beginning the process of pressing. The owner is the 5th generation to lead the vineyard and was busy, but still took time to meet and greet us and give a access to the work going on behind the scenes. In both instances the wine was outstanding and offered at a very reasonable price. We also visited a cheese maker and were able to watch them making cheese, meet the goats, and, of course, sample the delicious cheeses they produced. JB grew up in the area and was “at home,” which meant we had an experience that was unique. Each person we met greeted him with warmth and affection which extended to us. JB was not an outsider and therefore neither were we. JB’s personal relationship with these men and women, his own deep knowledge of wine and viniculture, and his passion for wines of theLoire were central to this exceptional experience. JB was also very organized and professional. Prior to and during the tour JB’s communication (and English skills) were excellent. He was a skilled driver and we traveled in a comfortable vehicle which made our trip relaxing. He made sure to include rest stops and was always attentive to our comfort. We had so much fun! We learned a lot about wine production, made new friends, and felt this was our best wine tour experiences, ever .

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