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Dear Paris Wine Day Tours friends,

For the ones who spent a day with me in Champagne, in Burgundy, in the Loire-Valley or in any other wine regions it’s not a surprise but a huge part of my passion and my job is to select the best wineries to visit. It’s nice for you to see lovely cellars or impresive tasting rooms but for me it’s certainly not the most important…

What makes a great wine is the one who pamper the vines day after day. Sometimes the same plots of vines for generations’. Yes, in Europe, in France, the winemaker is first of all the owner of the vines -most of the time- and the one who will manage the growth of the vines during the year before the harvest. Most of the time with the help of a specialist he wil lead the vinification process as well. From planting to selling!

This year our will be to introduce some of our favorit winemaker.

June 2022, Wine maker of the Month:

Fabrice GREBET (Domaine des Rabichattes -Pouilly-Fumé & Cote de La Charité wines)

Fabrice Grebet

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