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A real taste of France in a day. Our tours are perfect for you wine lovers; either you are novice or expert.
You’ll have the opportunity to discover and taste wines from various terroirs and colors (white, red and rosé). The small group will let you time to ask any question you’ll have regarding wine process and more.
Our goal during this special day is to improve your knowledge about French wines; wine process and its regions of production.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk extensively with vine-growers and winemakers, taste their wines and enrich your wine knowledge. Because wine is the fruit of a specific terroir and the skill and passion of the winemaker, each wine is unique. Be the guest of family-owned estate and share their passion.


This is a special day for you close to Paris, that’s why we choose to limit the number of guests.
You will have time to talk at leisure with the winemaker and savor his wines. Conviviality is part of the French tradition of living well, and you will enjoy a traditional lunch in a typical village.
Your friendly and passionate guide will be delighted to help you discover the France he loves.

Careful selection+

We selected family-run domains for you. As their guest, you will share a part of their daily life. Follow the winemaker in his vineyards; visit his cave before sampling his wines. You will discover the authenticity of each wine made with passion.

We made a special and personalized selection of destinations during our tours. We visit some of the most prestigious terroirs, where you will discover charming French wine villages and experience their peaceful life.


A driver & a guide. For your safety and the quality of the day we are thinking that a guide has to be focus on what he is sharing with you. For you safety we are also considering that a driver has to be focus only on the drive.


We choose to use exclusively a Mercedes-Benz minibus, comfortably seated in the leather seats your legs will have enough space to move. The early morning drive would be the opportunity to sleep in a quite environment. The air-conditioned system will protect you of the summer hot temperatures. The luggage compartment will be larger enough to carry your bottles of wines.


Our payment system had been provided and warrantied by the international French bank BNP Paribas. We accept Visa, Amex and Mastercard cards.


Professional insurance HISCOX: RCPCO85637
French tourism license: IM092100015
Member of  APS (National Tourism Solidarity Professional Association)
Member of Atout France, National French Tourism Agency
Member of the Paris Tourism Office


You don’t need to take the train or change your hotel location to enjoy the French wine regions.

The internet booking process is easy and the payment secured. You have only to choose your day!

Your enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will be at your service answering your question and helping you in anyway.
The price for our tours is all-inclusive, meaning that your only expenses will be personal ones.  You will start the day with a complimentary French breakfast served during the drive in our fully-equipped minibus.


For more than seven years Paris Wine Day Tours (www.wine-day-tours.com), is rated 5 stars on Tripadvisor. We are proud to be the first wine tour company operating from Paris in this ranking.

We built with you a real community of passionate wine lovers and travelers. Almost 5,000 friends are now connected with us through Facebook.

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